3 Tips on How to Protect Your Hearing

how to protect your hearing

Many factors contribute to loss of hearing in adults. It’s usually genetics that plays the major part, but exposing your ears to noise can also cause serious damage. Follow these tips to learn how to protect your hearing. This is especially important for people who listen to loud music or work in a noisy environment.

1. Protect Your Ears First

If you want to know how to protect your hearing, you need to protect your ears first. Use earplugs or earmuffs whenever you’re in a noisy room. If you work at a construction site or in a factory, wear them as part of your protective gear. The same applies whenever you’re going to a concert or a small gig in a crowded club. Don’t use cotton wool, as it can disintegrate while in your ear and cause some unwanted side effects.

2. Use Good Headphones

Do you like to focus on your music while listening to it? If you turn the volume up too high, it won’t do your hearing any favors. So, use good headphones instead. Go for noise-canceling headphones, as they eliminate all background noises. If you’re in a loud room or a street, this means that you won’t have to play your music loud to hear it clearly.

3. Turn Down the Volume

Listening to loud music for longer periods of time can result in hearing loss. It can be temporary, but also permanent. Do you want to know how to protect your hearing? Well, turn down the volume. If you’re using your headphones, do a little test. Take them off and stretch your arm while holding them. If you can still hear the music that means it’s too loud so that other people can hear it, too. Turn it down a bit – it won’t affect your enjoyment, and may also be great for your hearing.

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