3 Types of Hearing Loss You Should Know About

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Many factors can cause hearing loss. Based on the causes of the condition, hearing loss has been categorized into three major types. Below are the three types of hearing loss:

Types of Hearing Loss

1. Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss is one of the prevalent types of hearing loss. It happens when there are defects in the eardrum or ear canal. It can also occur due to problems in the middle ear and the little bones in the middle ear. The common causes of conductive hearing loss include fluid accumulation in the middle ear, infection of the middle ear or ear canal, allergic reactions, punctured eardrum, and wedged earwax.

Conductive hearing loss impairs the transmission of sound waves between the eardrum and the inner ear. Normally, sound travels from the ear canal to the eardrum and across the middle ear. In a person who has conductive hearing loss, this process is affected. Conductive hearing loss can be treated with surgery. If surgical intervention is not workable, a hearing aid may help restore your hearing ability to a greater extent.

2. Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL)

SNHL occurs when there are problems in the inner ear. It is one of the common types of hearing loss. This hearing loss is associated with the nerves. The common causes of SNHL include loud noise, head injury, diseases and viruses, an autoimmune disorder of the inner ear, genetic pre-dominance, tumor, and aging. It can also occur due to swelling of the cochlear hair cell.

The treatment options for SNHL depend on the exact cause of the condition. The common treatments include the use of corticosteroids, surgery, drug therapy, diet changes, radiation, and cochlear implant. If a tumor causes hearing loss, it can be surgically removed to restore your normal hearing capability.

3. Mixed Hearing Loss

Being one of the less common types of hearing loss, a mixed hearing loss occurs as a result of a mixture of the components of both SNHL and conductive hearing loss. It happens as a result of a defect in the cochlea or the middle or outer ear. If you have reduced hearing in one or both ears, chances are you have a mixed hearing loss.

To treat mixed hearing loss, the conductive factors causing the condition should be dealt with first. Medical and surgical interventions are the primary options to treat conductive hearing loss. Addressing the conductive factors early can make the patient a better candidate for a hearing aid as well. The emphasis would be on addressing the condition medically.

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