4 Causes of Sudden Hearing Loss

There are several causes of hearing loss which can make your life mute and it becomes challenging for a person. Many times the problem is only wax building up in your ear canal externally or some ear infection. This can be resolved quickly if diagnosed at the age. Following are some of the general causes faced by the patients of hearing loss.

Ear Infection

If you are facing middle ear infection then it may be due to the otitis media that is the inflammation of the middle ear. It can happen to children or adults. The person might experience a severe earache and at the worst condition hearing loss.

Head or ear injury

An injury to the head can change the position of the three bones which is in the middle of the ear. It results in the sound which is incapable of transmitting into the inner ear. Some drastic injury can damage the very delicate nerves of the brain or inner ear.


Some people have defects in-ear from birth. This is known as the congenital hearing loss. Even 3-4 from 1000 newborn babies have this hearing loss problem. This is the real fact that 90% of babies dealing with hearing loss problem is born to the hearing parents.

Extravagant noise

The people who used to work with machinery which has exposures to loud noise may get their hearing damaged. When you get exposed to too much noise, it can destroy the delicate inner area which consists of soft hair cells.

These causes will not only damage your ear but all your scheduled work. You are not able to work correctly with this problem. So, it would be better to consult a doctor or rely on your home treatment methodologies.

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