4 Myths about Hearing Loss Debunked

People talk more openly about hearing loss than they used to, which helps raise awareness of this problem. But there are still some myths about hearing loss that many believe are true and that can be very dangerous. Here are the four most common misconceptions explained and debunked.

1. It Only Affects Old People

False. While hearing loss is a normal part of the aging process, it doesn’t only affect old people. In fact, almost half of the people who suffer from it are under the age of 60. Your risk increases once you turn 50, but it can also happen earlier in life. This occurs for a variety of reasons, including genetics, exposure to noise, and physical injuries. So, even if you’re still in your twenties, you need to protect your hearing the best you can.

2. I Don’t Need Hearing Aids Yet

This is where these myths about hearing loss become potentially dangerous. Many people lose some of their hearing, but instead of seeking medical help, they choose to delay it. They think that just because they can still hear most things, they don’t need hearing aids. But here’s the thing: the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to treat your problem. As soon as you notice your hearing is not up to par, go to your doctor and ask for their advice.

3. Hearing Loss Won’t Change My Life

You’re wrong. Despite what these popular myths about hearing loss say, this issue will affect every area of your personal life. For instance, because of the damage to their inner ear, people with hearing loss are more likely to fall every now and then. What’s more, it can also affect your performance at work. Short of being ready for it, there’s little else you can do. Don’t fall victim to the negative stigma and isolate yourself from the society. Yes, your life will change, but it can still be every bit as good as it used to be.

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