5 Habits to Make Your Hearing Aids Last

habits to make your hearing aids last

Buying hearing aids, is time-consuming, not to mention the cost involved. Anyway, it’s not something you want to be doing very often. Thankfully, hearing aids have become better and more durable in recent years. But how do you maximize the durability of your hearing aid? We give you 5 habits to make your hearing aids last.

#1 – Clean Your Hearing Aid Regularly

First, on our list of 5 habits to make your hearing aids last, we recommend cleaning your hearing aids. You may consult your hearing aid supplier or get into a cleaning routine yourself. Alternatively, ask a friend or relative to help.

#2 – Store Your Hearing Aid Correctly

Never store your hearing aids anywhere, but the case, you purchased them in. There, they will remain dry and safe from breakages. If you just leave them out on your dresser or throw them into your bag, they will get dirty and won’t last you very long.

#3 – Avoid Earwax Build-Up

When you start using a hearing aid, you have to get into a habit of avoiding earwax build-up as excess earwax can damage your hearing aid. Discuss the frequency with your hearing consultant. She/he will also know your specific level of earwax production. Taking that into account, she/he will tell you whether and how often you need to have your earwax removed.

#4 – Service Your Hearing Aid

Have your hearing aids checked and serviced on a regular basis, just like you would, do with your car.

#5 – Have a Spare Set at Your Disposal

This is the last of our 5 habits to make your hearing aids last. The bottom line is, if you have a spare set, you’ll be free to clean, maintain, and service it, without having to do without your hearing aids.

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