5 Hearing Disorders You Probably Didn’t Know

lesser-known hearing disorders

Hearing loss can come from environmental factors. But diseases and genetic disorders are common as well. This article will look into five lesser-known hearing disorders.

1. Cholesteatoma

A cholesteatoma is a kind of invasive skin growth. While it isn’t cancerous, cholesteatoma can damage your hearing considerably. It grows in the middle ear.

Some people inherit this disorder but most get it from repeated ear infections. Like many other lesser-known hearing disorders, cholesteatoma affects your balance as well. Additionally, it can impact the muscles in your face.

So how do you treat cholesteatoma? A simple surgical procedure might be necessary, as well as antibiotics.


AIED stands for autoimmune inner ear disease. This is a rare syndrome that involves your immune system. It may be genetic, or it could come from damage to the inner ear.

It’s not possible to treat this syndrome yet. However, a therapy of steroids and other drugs can help you manage it. Gene therapy is another possible option.

3. Crohn’s Disease

You probably know that Crohn’s disease comes with intense digestive problems. But this chronic disorder can affect your hearing as well. Fortunately, it’s possible to treat the ear problems that come with Crohn’s disease.

4. Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease affects the inner ear. While it causes permanent hearing loss, that isn’t what it’s best known for. People with this disorder also have episodes of intense vertigo.

This condition can seriously affect your life. It can’t be cured, but anti-nausea medication can be a big help. Hearing aids are a good choice as well.


Some lesser-known hearing disorders come from a damaged connective tissue.

If you have SCDC, the bones in your inner have a puncture. This is painful and causes dizziness as well. Surgery is the best solution to this problem.

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