5 Neem Remedies To Say Bye-Bye To Hearing Loss

Hearing loss at any age can be devastating. It is the result of damage to your inner ear (nerve damage) and could be due to many reasons like as age, increased noise, and genetically inherited.

Enjoy better hearing today with neem oil.

Neem is one of the great remedies for hearing loss and other health issues. It has incredible pain relieving properties, and steam fomentation of neem decoction will help you to provide instant relief to an earache and severe infection. Its oil is used to get rid of pain and inflammation in the ears. Check out some of the neem remedies for the treatment of hearing loss instantly.

How To Use Margosa For Deafness?

Tip 1: Neem Oil

  1. Put 2 to 3 drops of hot, lukewarm Margosa oil into your affected ear every morning.


  1. Put one drop of Margosa oil in each nostril 1-hour before taking meals.
  2. Slowly increase it to two drops.

Tip 3: Neem + Turmeric

It is a proven remedy for curing pus in the ears and regular hearing loss.


  1. Boil turmeric and neem together in a container.
  2. Strain the leaves and apply this water to the troubled ears and nearby areas.
  3. Wipe out the water on the ear and its adjacent parts with a clean cloth.


  1. Boil Margosa leaves along with little turmeric in water.
  2. Apply the steam to your two hands to the ear and nose.
  3. Or inhale the steam using your nose and mouth.

Tip 4: Neem Bark

Margosa bark is beneficial for earache problem.


Rinse the ear using water in which Margosa bark and leaves.

Tip 5: Neem Solution


  1. Soak the cloth in Margosa solution.
  2. Massage the affected areas of the ear with it.

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