5 Possible Reasons Why Your Ear Is Bleeding

why your ear is bleeding

Bleeding from the ear can be a distressing experience. It’s particularly troubling if you don’t know what’s causing it. Let’s take a look at some of the potential reasons why your ear is bleeding.

Damage Caused by Pressure Changes

If your ear starts bleeding during a flight, you can be sure that it’s because of pressure changes. Divers are also at risk of this. This type of ear damage usually doesn’t require treatment.

Ear or Head Injury

Sometimes, the answer is very simple. Scratches on your outer ear can cause a great deal of bleeding. This shouldn’t affect your hearing.

Doctors say that an infected ear piercing can be dangerous as well. Thus, you should get someone to inspect your ear piercings closely in case of bleeding. If there is a skin infection, you may need some medical help.

But there is another possibility too. If you have suffered a head injury, it might explain why your ear is bleeding. You’re also likely to suffer from dizziness and you might even lose consciousness.

Since concussions can be quite dangerous, contact a doctor.

An Object Getting Stuck in the Ear

Objects in the ear cause skin irritation. Hence, if your young child is bleeding from the ear, this may be the reason. Removing the object is your top priority, and you may want to seek out professional help.

Ear Infections

In most cases, infections shouldn’t cause bleeding. But it does happen in more severe cases. So what else should you look out for?

Ear infections come with fever, hearing loss and pain. There is also a great deal of discharge. Medication can usually help treat this issue.

Ear Cancer

This is a form of skin cancer. It can affect any part of your ear. Experts say that around 5% of skin cancer patients have ear cancer.

Ear cancer comes with painful, bleeding sores. So if you notice sudden changes in the skin of your ear, contact your doctor immediately.

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