5 Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Hearing Aids

maintaining your hearing aids

Are you new to using assistive devices? This article will offer some tips about using and maintaining your hearing aids.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe From Moisture

Your hearing aids require some regular maintenance.

Protection from moisture is one of the most important aspects of hearing aid care. Perspiration can damage your hearing aid as much as swimming pools can, so doing light cleaning on a regular basis is important.

Additionally, you should open the battery doors during the night. This will give your hearing aid a chance to dry out.

Always Carry Spare Batteries

Keeping charged batteries at hand is an important part of maintaining your hearing aids. After all, your batteries running out can be an uncomfortable experience. You will feel more confident if you always have a backup.

Consider Hearing Aids That Are Compatible with Your Electronic Devices

It can be frustrating to use your cell phone or music player when you have damaged hearing. But some hearing aid models are compatible with other forms of technology. For example, your phone could send a wireless signal directly into your hearing aid.

Turn Your Hearing Aid Off When You’re Not Using It

Like any other equipment, your hearing aids get worn with use. Hence, it’s a good idea to turn them off when you’re asleep. This is a big part of maintaining your hearing aids.

… But Don’t Hesitate to Use It

Some hearing aid users are reluctant to wear their assistive device. If that’s the case for you, you may need to look into a more comfortable model. Easy-to-hide models are available as well.

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