5 Symptoms of Ear Infections You Didn’t Know About

symptoms of ear infections

Ear pain is one of the top symptoms of ear infections. However, there are other warning signs you should look out for. Let’s look into some of the most frequent symptoms that come from having an ear infection.

1. Fever

In some cases, you will experience fever even before you feel any ear pain.

Fever is an important symptom of ear infection. It is also dangerous, especially for children. Keeping your fever down is an extremely important part of treatment.

2. Vomiting and Changes in Appetite

Does food seem unappealing all of a sudden? Are you nauseous or vomiting for no obvious reason? If so, you could have an ear infection.

Having an ear infection affects the balance systems in your inner ear. Thus, it can make you vomit or give you persistent nausea. This is a frequent first sign that something’s wrong.

Changes in appetite can also come from ear pain. Additionally, some viral diseases impact your entire body. In this case, ear infections and gastric difficulties are connected.

3. Balance Problems

Dizziness and balance problems are also common symptoms of ear infections. Once again, these symptoms come from changes in the middle ear.

4. A Bad Breath

Did you know that tonsil problems can lead to ear infections? Hence, a throat ache is a symptom you should watch out for. Additionally, having a bad breath could mean you are dealing with the early stages of ear infection.

5. Snoring

Swollen adenoids are also linked with ear infections. This health issue can lead to sinus troubles such as shallow breathing. Additionally, you are likelier to snore if you have swollen adenoids.

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