5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Damage Your Hearing

causes of hearing loss

Aging and workplace noise exposure are among the main causes of hearing loss. However, there are many other possibilities you should know about. Here are some everyday situations that can damage your hearing:

Drying Your Hair

Did you know that hairdryers can cause hearing problems? Holding a hairdryer close to your head can expose you to damaging levels of noise. Hence, it’s a good idea to air-dry your hair instead.


You can’t really avoid noise when you’re in traffic. Sometimes, you need your hearing to navigate the streets safely.

Hearing protection might not be safe to use on the street. However, you might be able to choose routes that are less noisy.


Although working out is great for you, there are a few hidden dangers. Spending time at a gym or fitness studio can damage your hearing.

After all, you can’t avoid loud music in these places. The noise of workout equipment can also be a problem. Thus, you should consider wearing earplugs when you’re working out.

A High Fever

Fever can damage your health in a number of ways. It is one of the frequent causes of hearing loss. Inflammation can cause permanent damage to the hair cells in your inner ear.

Certain Drugs

It is very important to keep in mind that some medications can damage your hearing.

So which drugs should you look out for? Certain antibiotics come with the risk of hearing loss. Painkillers can be dangerous as well.

A Final Word

Staying informed about the potential causes of hearing loss is extremely important. Avoiding exposure to noise can keep your hearing health intact. Additionally, you are likelier to seek out a doctor if you know that your hearing’s at risk.

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