5 Very Important Risks of Hearing Loss

risks of hearing loss

Hearing loss is no small matter. Once it sets in, it becomes a serious issue that affects many different areas of your life. Because of this, it’s important to treat it as soon as you notice any problems. If not, you may be exposed to one or more of these five risks of hearing loss. You don’t hear about them that often, but they are definitely something you should consider.

1. Poor Work Performance

Poor work performance is one of the major risks of hearing loss. That’s because damaged hearing also impairs your communication skills. As such, you’ll find it more difficult to talk to your clients and take advice from your superiors. Furthermore, this may make you more prone to workplace accidents, too.

2. Road Safety Risks

If you’re a driver, you already have enough problems trying to navigate traffic with your hearing intact. But hearing loss limits your ability to hear certain noises that keep you safe while driving. For instance, it might be difficult to hear sirens and car honks, which puts you in a lot more danger on the road.

3. Higher Likelihood of Falling

Falls are usually common in older people, but people with hearing loss are also prone to them. This stems from two different things. First, there’s the inability to hear environmental noises, which makes proper navigation more difficult. Second, the damage to your inner ear causes problems with balance.

4. Self-Isolation

As we said before, hearing loss affects your ability to communicate with others. This may lead to self-isolation, which is one of the main risks of hearing loss. Your inability to understand others might make you uncomfortable in social situations. Because of this, many people feel very lonely. What’s more, they make matters worse by completely withdrawing themselves from their social circle.

5. Risk of Depression

Loneliness often leads to depression, which is never easy to live with. The National Council on Aging reports that 30 percent of older people with hearing loss suffer from some form of depression. But hearing loss can strike at a very young age, so young people are also at risk. If you maintain your social life despite your disability, you can easily avoid this.

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