6 Tips for Hearing Loss Prevention

how to prevent hearing loss

There is no foolproof way to avoid hearing loss entirely, but there are certain precautionary measures you can take to decrease your risk of hearing loss. Below are some tips to prevent hearing loss.

1. Decrease Your Exposure to Loud Noises

Persistence exposure to loud noise is one of the leading factors that can cause hearing loss. To reduce your risk of hearing loss, be sure to avoid exposure to loud sounds. If your work involves machines that make loud sounds, make sure to wear hearing protection like earplugs or earmuffs. The tiny hair cells in your ear are delicate, and noise can easily damage them. There is certain household equipment like grinders, blenders, and vacuum cleaners that make loud sounds. Take precautionary measures when exposed to the noise of such appliances.

2. Avoid Putting Anything in Your Ear

Many people attempt to clean their ears by using foreign objects. This can be extremely dangerous for your ear’s health. It can trigger ear infection and hurt the ear. Infection and physical injury to the ear can lead to hearing loss, which can occur immediately or gradually over time. If you want to prevent hearing loss, never put anything in your ear.

3. Seek Treatments for Ear Infections Immediately

Infection of the ear is directly linked to hearing loss. Severe ear infection can affect people of any age. It is dominant among children. If an ear infection is not treated immediately, or if the infection recurs, your risk of hearing loss will be greater. As such, if you think you have an ear infection, be sure to have it treated as soon as possible. Pain in the ear is a sign of ear infection.

4. Know Your Medications

Many medicines can increase your risk of hearing loss. These include certain antibiotics and chemotherapy medications. When you get a prescription, always ask the doctor how likely the specific drug is to be toxic to your ears. Also, inquire about safer alternatives and stick to the recommended dosage.

5. Avoid Smoking

Some studies have already found that smokers are more at risk of hearing loss than non-smokers. If you are a smoker, be sure to stop it right away. Secondhand smoke can also have severe effects on your hearing.

6. Have a Balanced and Healthy Diet

Balanced and healthy diet has many benefits, including healthy ears and good hearing capability. If you have a poor diet, your risk of experiencing hearing loss is greater. Hearing loss can affect your life in multiple ways. You can use your food to prevent hearing loss.

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