7 Jobs That Can Put You at Risk of Hearing Loss

jobs that can put you at risk of hearing loss

Hearing loss can reduce your quality of life significantly. Difficulty holding conversations, emotional issues, and a sense of isolation are just some of the issues you face if you suffer from hearing difficulties. Making the right lifestyle choices to maintain your hearing is therefore crucial. Exposure to constant noise is a major factor, particularly during work. In this article, we list 7 jobs that can put you at risk of hearing loss.

#1 –Ground Control Staff at Airports

The noise levels at airports are dangerously high. In fact, working as a member of an airport ground control team is the worst possible choice for your hearing.

#2 – Bartender, Musician, DJ, Nightclub Staff

Noise levels at bars, nightclubs and concerts can be up to 115 decibels, which is far beyond the healthy 80 decibels. Prolonged exposure to noise levels of this magnitude can seriously damage your hearing. What’s more, staff working at entertainment are the least likely to wear hearing protection.

#3 – Motorbike Delivery Person

Motorcycles produce noise levels over 100 decibels, making this job a serious risk to your hearing. Moreover, experts have also pointed out the damaging effect of “wind noise” which can also be above 100 decibels.

#4 – Construction Worker

Experts have warned that up to 95 percent of construction workers may be exposed to dangerous noise levels on a daily basis. Wearing hearing protection is essential.

#5 – Gardener

Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and other garden machinery produce noises that may damage your hearing. No doubt, this is one of the jobs that can put you at risk of hearing loss.

#6 – Hairdresser

Although hairdryers produce noise merely above healthy levels, prolonged exposure to 85 decibels can also damage your hearing. Like bar staff, hairdressers are highly unlikely to wear hearing protection which puts them at greater risk.

#7 – Nursery School Teacher

Yes, little kids can make so much noise it could damage your hearing in the long run!

So, this is our list of jobs that can put you at risk of hearing loss. Make sure to wear ear protection.

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