9 Threatening Signs Of Hearing Loss That You Should Not Ignore

Nearly 2 out of 3 people suffer from hearing impairment. Check out how to know if you have this ear problem. Read out the early warning signs of hearing loss.

1. Unable To Hear TV Or Radio

Are you having trouble in hearing the TV or radio noise? It may be the sign that you have hearing loss. You may realize this when someone points at you and asks why you are listening so louder and you are shocked at why they are saying.

2. Unable To Hear Conversations Between People

When you are listening to the verbal conversation of an individual but fail to hear anything and asks him or her to repeat the statement, then it might be due to a hearing impairment.

3. Trouble hearing background sounds

If you are encountering mute sound continuously, then there is something worn with your ears. Visit a doctor to check out your ears, because it might be deafness. In this situation, every noise seems distorted and silent. You’ll feel like that your ears are blocked with a layer.

4. Missed Doorbells Or Phone Calls

Do you have missing calls or someone went away without entering to your house or does someone continuously knocks your door for a long time, and you are unaware of it? Then, it might be an alert of big trouble to your ears.

5. Always Turning Your Ears Towards The Incoming Sound

Frequently turning your neck and head to hear any sound over and over again might be a sign of hearing impairment.

6. Sad When Someone Suspects You From Your Deafness Problem

Denial is the initial sign of hearing loss. If someone says you daily that you are deaf, take it seriously because that person might be right. Book a consultation with your doctor an get it tested as soon as possible.

7. Isolated

Being alone can be difficult, but if you are spending time away from people and noise, then it might be because you have a hearing problem.

8. Ringing In Ears

If you have suspected ringing in ears, it may be tinnitus. This disorder is serious and can lead to a life of pain. Talk to your doctor about it.

9. If People Told You That You Speak Too Loud

Has anyone told you that you speak too loud or ask you to slow down your conversation? It could be a sign of hearing impairment.

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