Can a Simple Cold Lead to Hearing Loss?

can a simple cold lead to hearing loss?

As winter sets in, many people suffer colds, and generally, they overcome them without any issues. Though they feel poorly for a few days, their immune system can fight the cold within a short space of time. Sometimes, however, colds can have more serious consequences. Temporary or reversible hearing loss are among some of the more serious effects. So, if you want to know “can a simple cold lead to hearing loss?”, the answer has got to be “yes, it can.”

How Does a Simple Cold Impact Your Hearing?

When you’ve got a cold, the fluid build-up in your head may reach your inner ear and damage the fine hairs there. As a result, you may suffer from temporary hearing loss, which often does not get diagnosed by physicians. Also known as sensorineural hearing loss, this may even be permanent, though in most cases, people regain their hearing sometime after their cold has cleared up.

Colds and Ear Infections

When asking “can a simple cold lead to hearing loss?” one has to look at the connection between a common cold and an ear infection. Flu and cold viruses can lead to ear infections which have the potential to cause hearing loss.

In some people the hearing loss is only temporary, but some people end up with permanent hearing loss.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the answer to can a simple cold lead to hearing loss, you realize that precautions are necessary. Seek medical advice without delay if the quality of your hearing deteriorates during a cold. In addition, also seek medical help if you’re feeling dizzy or if you feel pressure in your ears.

Early treatment is crucial in the prevention of hearing loss that is linked to a common cold.

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