Can Antioxidants Help Prevent Hearing Loss?

antioxidants and hearing health

Antioxidants have become extremely popular. These natural chemicals can do a lot to protect your brain health as you age. Additionally, they can keep you safe from various diseases.

But what about antioxidants and hearing health? Can they help prevent age-related hearing loss?

New Research on Antioxidants and Hearing Health

A group of Yale researchers found that antioxidants can help a great deal.

They studied the development of hearing loss in mice. Since there were no damaging environmental factors, the hearing loss came from aging. They found that there is a protein that causes this damage.

When they placed this protein in young mice, those test subjects lost their hearing too. Thus, the scientists were able to pinpoint the cellular changes that lead to hearing damage.

But that’s not all. They applied an effective antioxidant to some of the mice. Hence, they found a way to prevent hearing loss.

So it’s clear that there is a significant link between antioxidants and hearing health. You can protect yourself from hearing loss if you choose the right diet. Where should you start?

Natural Antioxidants That Can Preserve Your Health

Some people use supplements to increase their antioxidant levels. But an improved diet can help a great deal too. There are many foods that are rich in antioxidants.

Blueberries are one popular option. Red grapes also have high antioxidant levels. Nuts are a good choice for an antioxidant-rich snack.

What about meat? Fish is your best bet, especially sardines, trout, and salmon.

Consuming whole grains is extremely important too. You should choose dark leafy vegetables as well as beans or sweet potatoes.

These small diet changes can help you protect your hearing health. You will also feel better in general.

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