Can Iron Deficiency Lead to Hearing Loss?

iron deficiency anemia can cause hearing loss

Not getting enough iron in your diet? A deficiency may leave you in world of hurt. But, maybe not the way you expect it. Sometimes, iron deficiency anemia can cause hearing loss.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

You may skip out on eating your leafy, green vegetables from time to time. But, if you aren’t getting your iron from somewhere else eventually you will end up with a deficiency. More specifically, iron deficiency anemia, a common type of anemia.

When this happens, your body can’t make healthy red blood cells. And, since your red blood cells carry oxygen throughout body this can lead to different complications.

The Research

In addition to feeling poorly from iron deficiency anemia, you may also be at risk for hearing loss. One study found that adults with iron deficiency anemia were twice as likely to develop hearing loss than people who didn’t have this iron deficiency.

Researchers found that permanent hearing loss and a combination of both sensorineural and conductive were both represented in the higher risk for anemics. Though, they are still unsure why the correlation is present and whether early detection and prevention can mitigate hearing loss risks.

It’s possible that because iron plays an integral part in moving oxygen through the body any interruption to it can damage the inner ear. Anytime oxygen is deprived from cells, they can become damaged or die. This also applies to sensory hair cells.

Final Thoughts

You should always make sure that you eat a healthy and well-rounded diet. Even more so because deficiencies can leave you at higher risk for a serious condition. Now that you know that iron deficiency anemia can cause hearing loss you should make doubly sure you have met your RDA portions of iron-rich foods.

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