Can Metabolic Syndrome Cause Hearing Loss?

What is metabolic syndrome

What is metabolic syndrome? Who is the most at risk of it? In what ways does it impact your hearing?

This article covers some questions you might have about this condition.

What Is Metabolic Syndrome Exactly?

This isn’t a single disease. Instead, metabolic syndrome covers a number of health issues. These include high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

But What Is Metabolic Syndrome Caused by?

Doctors say that this condition is linked to obesity. Additionally, insulin resistance can lead to metabolic syndrome.

How Do You Know Whether You’re at an Increased Risk?

Anyone can suffer from this problem. However, there are a few risk factors you should consider.

Living an inactive increases your risk of this condition. Additionally, older people are likelier to have this syndrome. Diabetes and liver disease also heighten your risk.

So How Does It Affect Your Hearing?

Research shows that there is a connection between this condition and hearing loss. A study done on more than eleven thousand people confirmed this. So why are the two conditions connected?

Your cardiovascular health affects your hearing. If you have high blood pressure, your inner ear is at risk. It is more vulnerable to noise and aging.

Furthermore, hypertension can lead to hearing loss too.

Are There Any Other Factors to Consider?

In some cases, metabolic syndrome and hearing loss both have the same cause.

Smoking can damage your hearing health. It also has a negative impact on your metabolism. Diabetes is another obvious example.

What Should You Do?

If you suffer from metabolic syndrome, get your hearing tested regularly. After all, an early diagnosis can prevent more severe damage.

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