Can Regular Ear Massages Improve Your Hearing?

ear massages improve your hearing

Getting a massage is a great way to find stress relief. It improves your circulation, and it can also be an excellent solution to acute or chronic pain.

But some massage therapists offer ear massages as well. Is that a good idea? Is it really true that ear massages improve your hearing?

Ear Massages as Auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy is a treatment that involves certain points in your ear. In most cases, auriculotherapy means ear acupuncture, but it covers the ear massages as well.

Research shows that auriculotherapy can successfully treat various types of pain. This is a particularly useful approach when a patient can’t use pain medication safely.

But can you improve your hearing with auriculotherapy?

Scientific research can partially back up the idea of using auriculotherapy to treat various long-term health issues. However, a lot more research is needed about this form of treatment. There’s no reliable information yet about whether auriculotherapy can help with hearing loss specifically.

Ear Massages as a Way to Improve Your Circulation

Here is a more straightforward way that ear massages improve your hearing.

A good circulation is crucial to the production of inner ear fluid. Without enough inner ear fluid, your sensory hair cells will become less sensitive, and normal age-related hearing loss will increase. You may also be at risk of disorders such as Meniere’s disease.

When you get an ear massage, you improve the circulation in the small blood vessels in the shell of your ear. This can contribute to better circulation in your inner ear as well.

What to Look Out For

An ear massage should be a pleasant experience. If your massage is causing intense or sharp pain, something went wrong.

Some massage providers may offer ear candling as an additional treatment. Experts say this is an unsafe practice, and you should definitely avoid it.

It may take some time to find a professional and trustworthy massage therapist. But, since ear massages improve your hearing, your balance and your general health, it’s worth making an effort.

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