Common Causes of Hearing Loss

common causes of hearing loss

There are many factors that can cause hearing loss and the impacts of each factor are variable. In some cases, hearing loss can be easily diagnosed, whereas in most cases, medical examination and screenings would be necessary to diagnose the condition. Here are the common causes of hearing loss:

1. Exposure to Loud and Excessive Noise

Excessive and loud noise, no matter what the source, can damage your hearing permanently. The noise-induced hearing loss can occur suddenly or slowly over time. People who are exposed to loud and repeated noise from machinery or other sources are more at risk of experiencing hearing loss. Noise has the tendency to impair the hair cells in your inner ear, causing tinnitus and hearing loss.

2. Infections of the Ear

Infection of the ear is one of the common causes of hearing loss.  It can lead to swelling of the middle ear, causing hearing loss. People with a prolonged and recurrent ear infection are more at risk of hearing loss. Infection is one of the primary causes of hearing loss in children. If you experience a headache and pain in your ear, be sure to seek medical help immediately. Depending on the severity of the infection, the patient may experience permanent hearing loss.

3. Aging

Aging is yet another major cause of hearing loss. As you grow old, your risk of hearing loss increases. About 35 percent of individuals aged above 65 years suffer from some form of hearing loss. Exposure to noise combined with aging can cause severe and permanent hearing loss. In an age-induced hearing loss, most patients are able to hear low-pitched sounds but not high-pitched sounds.

4. Head Trauma

Injury to the head can alter the place of the three bones in your middle ear, causing hearing loss. When a severe head trauma occurs, the sounds will not be transmitted to your inner ear. A blow to the head can even rupture the eardrum or the nerves in your cochlea.

5. Birth Defect

Birth defect is also one of the common causes of hearing loss. While most people experience hearing loss later in life, many are born with hearing loss. Hearing loss is a common birth defect. About 3 in 1,000 babies are born with hearing loss. In most cases, genetic factors cause congenital hearing loss. Other factors that can cause hearing loss at birth include infections and illnesses during pregnancy. A baby born prematurely is at greater risk of hearing loss.

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