Coping Strategies for People with Hearing Impairments

coping strategies for hearing loss.

When people lose their hearing, it can be quite a shock. It has the ability to impact their attitudes about aging. It can also affect their support networks and leave them feeling isolated. This can leave them with a less than desirable quality of life. To get back to a healthier frame of mind, consider these coping strategies for hearing loss.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Your Mind

If you know from experience that something helps you to hear things better, speak up about it. Tell someone to move their face towards you so that you can read their lips. Ask someone to join you in a quieter area so you aren’t affected by other noises. Remember, people won’t know unless you inform them.

Get Some Support

Something quite effect as coping strategies for hearing loss is creating an outside support system. This could be through joining groups or clubs dedicated to those affected by hearing impairments. Talking to people with the same issue gives you the opportunity to vent and you’ll also gain different perspectives.

Do Your Research

With advancements in technology, there are many solutions available for those with hearing problems. From hearing aids to surgeries, and even certain supplements. Some of these are better suited to your situation than others, which is why you should do your own research. After that, get your doctor on board. Your doctor would have a list of solutions and you’ll be able to understand him or her better.

Adapt the Old

Many familiar devices have been adapted for the hearing impaired. By employing these into your life, it can help to reestablish a sense of control. Examples include smoke alarms that flash bright lights rather than emit sirens. There are also vibration alarm clocks and light-reactive doorbells.


Losing your hearing can be difficult to live with, but it does not need to hinder the quality of life. These coping strategies for hearing loss are a good indication of where to begin when dealing with hearing impairments.

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