Could Lasers Be the Key to Curing Your Hearing Loss?

Medical science is always looking for new solutions to hearing-related problems. Lasers are one of the most significant advances in modern biophysics. So could lasers be the key to curing your hearing loss?

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a popular type of treatment in Europe, and it’s starting to spread in the US as well. LLLT is a scientifically proven method that helps regenerate damaged tissue. So where are the limits of this treatment? Can it help cure hearing damage?

In LLLT, laser light stimulates your cell regeneration process and increases the energy production in your cells. Pain treatment may be the most frequent use of this type of therapy.

Unfortunately, current research indicates that LLLT doesn’t necessarily help reverse hearing damage. After regular application of LLLT, study subjects don’t generally show any significant improvement. However, this topic still requires a lot of research.

So how else could lasers be the key to curing your hearing loss?

Laser Surgery

A laser is a great tool for performing surgery. It is precise and causes less damage to your tissues. You will also probably heal faster after a laser surgery than a traditional surgery.

Not every hearing issue can be treated this way. But when it comes to replacing the small bones in your middle ear, a laser is the best approach. This type of surgery is called a stapedectomy, and it can improve your hearing immediately.

In some cases, your hearing loss may be caused by irregular tissue growth or some form of tumor. Lasers can help there too.


Laser surgery can save your hearing in a number of ways.

For now, it seems that low-level laser therapy isn’t a good treatment for hearing damage. But researchers are looking for new results when it comes to this type of treatment.

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