Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Personality?

does hearing loss affect your personality

Hearing loss comes with a number of serious lifestyle changes. Some people aren’t as quick to adapt to this new way of interacting with the world. If you have lost your hearing, you may feel like you have become a new person.

But what does science say? How does hearing loss affect your personality?

Research on Hearing Loss and Introversion

It is fairly common for people to become introverts as they age. After all, they become less tolerant of change. Societal attitudes can also contribute to this.

So does hearing loss affect your personality too?

A study done on people aged 80-98 showed some fascinating results.

People who have hearing loss are far likelier to become introverted. They become less outgoing due to communication problems. Additionally, they’re much likelier to ignore their social circles.

Staying Socially Active in Old Age

Hearing loss makes people likelier to be introverts. But experts say that having an active social life is extremely important. After all, outgoing older people are 70% less likely to suffer from cognitive decline.

There are a few other significant benefits. Staying socially active will make it much easier to exercise. Additionally, your friends can provide you with valuable health-related information.

So what can you do to stay as outgoing as possible?

Getting hearing aids can help a great deal. In some case, implants are the better choice.

However, these devices won’t cure your hearing. You will need some time before you learn how to use them in the best way.

New technology could also help you keep in touch with your social circle. Even if loud groups overwhelm you, you can stay socially active online.

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