Effects of Hearing Loss in Pregnancy

hearing loss in pregnancy

Hearing loss has an impact on every aspect of your life. It comes with a number of social as well as medical consequences. So what do we know about the effects of hearing loss in pregnancy?

Prenatal Care and Women Who Have Hearing Loss

Experience shows that hearing loss can have an impact on your pregnancy.

A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has confirmed this. Women with hearing loss are likelier to give birth prematurely. Additionally, their children are more prone to be born underweight.

Explaining the Connection

So where does this connection come from? What do we know about the consequences of hearing loss in pregnancy?

Studies show that hearing loss negatively impacts your economic status. There are a few different reasons for that:

  • If you have hearing loss, you are 3.21 times likelier to have low educational attainment.
  • Hearing problems also make it more difficult to find and keep employment.
  • Communication issues complicate things in all walks of life. People with hearing loss don’t always have access to the resources they need. Hence, they do not have the means to improve their situations.

So people who have hearing loss usually get worse healthcare than others due to poverty. Furthermore, women with hearing loss might have less access to information. Social isolation and communication barriers are to blame for that issue.

A Final Word

What is the best way to mitigate the negative effects of hearing loss in pregnancy?

The most important step is to create better conditions for people with hearing problems. This includes improving the situation in schools and workplaces. Additionally, more doctors should learn about the unique issues caused by hearing loss.

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