Foods That Have the Power to Prevent Hearing Loss

Are you afraid that you will lose your hearing? Well, you’re not the only one. Other people out there are in the same situation as you. They have a hard time understanding what others try to say and they are scared that they will reach the point when they won’t be able to make sense of anything. What you need to know is that hearing loss can be prevented. How? With nutrition, of course. These are the foods that have the power to avoid hearing loss.

Green foods

Not that many people are aware of the incredible power of green foods. Green foods contain high amounts of antioxidants. They are rich in vitamin A, C and E. They’re also rich in potassium, magnesium, and folic acid. If you do not want to lose your hearing, then eat lots and lots of green food. The nutrients that you put on your plate will help you prevent hearing loss. So, don’t take leafy vegetables for granted. The question now is what green foods you should be eating. You can munch on spinach, broccoli, kiwi, asparagus, and let’s not forget about kale.

Dark chocolate

If dark chocolate if your cup of tea, good for you! You’ve been protecting yourself against hearing loss without even realizing it.  Chocolate has zinc and many antioxidants, which means that you don’t need an excuse anymore to eat tons and tons of chocolate. What you should do right now is to build resistance by consuming dark chocolate.

Beef, pork, and dark-meat chicken

What do beef, pork, and dark-meat chicken have in common? They all contain high levels of zinc. For those of you who don’t know, zinc can help protect from health concerns. Zinc boosts the immune system. Zinc is essential for the normal development of the immune system. But what does the immune system have to do with hearing loss? The answer is simple. If you have a strong immune system, you don’t get infections to the ear. If you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry because there are alternatives. Eat peas, almonds or mushrooms.


It may come as a surprise to understand that pineapple can prevent hearing loss. But it does. Pineapple contains an enzyme that promotes healing and reduces inflammation throughout the human body. If you’re desperate when it comes to fighting against hearing loss, eat fresh pineapple. Only the natural kind will do. Pineapples that were ripened with the help of chemicals are void of vitamins and, therefore, present no benefits.


Hearing loss is a price that you’re not willing to pay for listening to loud music. If this is the case, start eating fish, more precisely salmon. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which prevent hearing loss due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-aging characteristics. If you want to hear better and, at the same time, avoid future health problems, include salmon in your diet. Salmon tastes so good that you won’t regret the decision. So, go on cooking.

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