Hearing Holes: Everything You Need to Know About Them

what are cochlear dead zones

In most cases, hearing loss happens gradually in the middle ear. The delicate hair cells become less receptive. This process can happen with age and noise exposure.

However, people with cochlear dead zones go through a different process. This is a rare hearing disorder. It has some harsh consequences.

So what are cochlear dead zones? And how can you prevent them?

What Are Cochlear Dead Zones?

The cochlea is a part of your inner ear. A dead zone is an area with destroyed hair cells. But what does this mean?

Different areas of the cochlea pick up different frequencies. If you have a cochlear dead zone, you can’t hear sounds at a particular frequency.

This is a major problem. After all, normal speech covers a range of frequencies. Even if your remaining hair cells are undamaged, communication will become a struggle.

So what causes these dead zones? They can come from loud noises such as gunshots and explosions.

What Solutions Are There?

You already know that science cannot re-grow hair cells yet. Hence, there is no cure for cochlear dead zones. Hearing aids are the best approach for now.

However, not every hearing aid can help. After all, amplifying sound won’t necessarily help the problem.

The solution is to use hearing aids that alter sound frequency. Researchers have confirmed that this is the best approach.

Cochlear dead zones can make it difficult or impossible to understand speech. The right hearing aid can improve communication a great deal.


What are cochlear dead zones? They are damaged areas in your inner ear and they can cause serious problems. However, hearing aids can help with this issue.

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