Hearing Loss: Two Ears Are Better Than One

The ear is a complex system. Your ears pick up sounds, and your brain interprets them. Ears work together to help your brain understand what’s going on around you, example by helping you cross the road safely or turning to someone who calls you. The mobilization of your two ears allows you to locate the source of the sound. That way you can focus on the conversation that interests you while ignoring unwanted sounds.

• Better sound quality (high definition)
• Facilitates understanding in noisier environments
• Improves comprehension in a group since you will be able to hear sounds coming from each side
• Keeps both ears active, which helps to maintain discrimination (word comprehension)
• It takes a lot less effort, and listening becomes more natural and balanced.
• Helps to preserve hearing in the long term.
• Helps maintain the speed of identification of sounds, letters, and therefore words.
Listen more balanced, and you no longer need to turn your head to hear.
Locating sounds and speech, something impossible with a single prosthesis.
Let’s hear from a greater distance.

Discover our Custom Products

Ear Countour

Ear Contour is a hearing aid is placed behind the ear being connected to an ear tip. Easy to handle, this prosthesis is powerful and resistant. It increases the sound quality and understanding of surrounding sounds, including speech. In addition to performing well.

Mini CountourWith Open End or Rite

The mini contour prosthesis fits discreetly behind the ear while being connected to an open end. This new prosthetic technology is lighter and smaller than traditional prostheses. It adapts to all degrees of hearing loss while offering personalized programs.

CIC and IIC hearing

The per tympanic device is placed inside the ear more precisely in the auditory canal. This hearing aid is made to measure with a fingerprint taken beforehand. It is the smallest hearing aid, making it virtually invisible.

Intra Canal

The intra-canal type hearing aid is positioned in the ear canal. The purpose is to measure according to the ear canal of the user. Discreet, she is very aesthetic. In addition to being easy to handle, it is comfortable. This product is available with volume control and a custom program. This prosthesis is suitable for all hearing losses.


The in-ear prosthesis is positioned entirely in the ear of the user. This made-to-measure product is very powerful. In addition to being easy to handle, the in-ear prosthesis is suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss. It is equipped with a directional microphone, an automatic telephone coil, and a volume control.

Continous Port Apparatus

This sophisticated device is worn 24 hours a day and is placed precisely 4 mm from the eardrum and becomes invisible. It requires no maintenance or battery change. It is also by its flexibility of the most comfortable. It is suitable for mild to moderate losses. Find out if you are a good candidate for this type of device.

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