Hearing Loss: Warning Signs You Should Look Out For

Hearing Loss is the 3rd most common problem in all over the world. It does not depend on age. Only 35% of people are affected who has the age higher than 60, and the remaining are less than 60 aged people or above. So, the problem can be seen mostly in young and adult age people. You can’t take granted your ears. The care is essential for the healthy organs of our body. Following are some of the symptoms with which you need to get warn before the condition gets worse.


Trouble hearing on telephone

Within this advanced technology world, the phones are well equipped with the settings of volume control. So, you should be capable of hearing your friend, client or business partner. If you feel that you have to raise the volume for listening something, It can be considered as one of the symptoms of hearing loss.

Trouble hearing in noisy environments

If you feel you can’t hear the folks sitting in front of the table in a restaurant because of the background noise of other peeps, then there is some trouble. It also shows the sign of hearing loss.

“What did you say?”

If you use the word ”what” very commonly then it means you are not getting proper sound signals which are needed for the process of your correct speech.

The high volume of TV

If you used to turn up the volume of your TV louder so that you can listen much better but it gets uncomfortable to the persons sitting in the same room with you, it means that you do have a problem in hearing.

It’s not easy to live in a world where everything is mute for you. So, if you feel any of the above symptoms, feel free to consult a doctor.

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