How Dental Health and Hearing Are Connected

hearing loss and dental health

Certain degree of hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process. As such, it can affect all people, but those with major health issues are usually more at risk. As a rule, by protecting your general health, you could also be protecting your hearing in the long term. Seeing as there is a link between hearing loss and dental health, the same is also true of your teeth.

Hearing Loss and Dental Health

Oral bacteria can cause lots of different health problems and spread to other parts of your body. For example, one study suggested its presence increased the risk of the onset of dementia. There’s also proof that it causes brain damage, as well as a whole slew of heart problems.

Oral bacteria are a direct result of improper dental care. They travel to your bloodstream and pollute it, thus preventing healthy blood flow inside your brain. An insufficient supply of blood can, in fact, destroy the hair cells in your ear. Moreover, it can also attack the blood vessels in the part of your brain responsible for the sense of hearing.

The link between hearing loss and dental health is also clear when it comes to inflamed wisdom teeth. It all starts with an infection, which is usually a result of damaged nerve. This causes a strong sensation of pain combined with other related symptoms. And while it can’t cause a permanent loss of hearing, it may temporarily affect its quality. Luckily, extracting the problematic wisdom tooth is often all it takes to restore your hearing in full.

What to Do

All problems related to hearing loss and dental health stem from oral bacteria. Proper oral hygiene can thus ensure that this doesn’t happen. Brush your teeth thoroughly two times a day and use dental floss at night. As soon as you notice first signs of potential problems, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Visit them at least twice a year afterwards for a regular checkup.

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