How Humidity Can Affect Your Hearing Aids and What to Do About It

hearing aid damage

To ensure the longevity of your hearing aids, you have to take good care of them. This is especially true in humid conditions, both in the summer and in the winter. Otherwise, exposure to humidity and condensation can cause hearing aid damage.

Humidity and Hearing Aid Damage

The summer air is usually very humid because warm air holds moisture longer than cold air does. But moisture can also occur in the winter due to temperature differences. For example, entering a warm room after some time outdoors can cause condensation. The resulting drops of water can then each your ears and cause hearing aid damage.

Humidity will most often cause problems with the receiver and the microphone of your hearing aids. Sometimes, it can also cause create clogs in the tubing, thus preventing it from broadcasting sound waves. In case of prolonged exposure, it can also cause corrosion.

The Signs of Damaged Hearing Aids

You can’t always notice the damage just by looking at your hearing aids. That’s because they usually won’t affect their appearance but only their functionality.

The most common signs of damaged hearing aids include:

  • Constant fluctuations in the volume
  • Loud sounds tend to cut off
  • The sounds you hear come off distorted
  • Constant static noise even when there’s no sound
  • The hearing aids stop working and then restart again at random intervals

What to Do About It

If you experience these problems and are sure that the cause is humidity, there are some things you can do. For one, you might want to invest in an ear mold puffer. This little device can blow out any moisture stuck in the hearing aid rather quickly.

Also, you should consider getting a hearing aid dehumidifier. These units use drying agents to draw the moisture out of your hearing aids. Not only that but they will also keep the device protected from the effects of moisture.

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