Improve Your Hearing with These Exercises

Did you know that physical exercise can improve your hearing? Here is a quick overview of exercises that can help.

Exercise that Improves Your Balance

In many cases, balance disorders and hearing disorders are connected. If your inner ear got damaged by an illness or an injury, you may have problems with vertigo. This can be a source of huge problems.

But in some cases, physical therapy can help with balance issues, especially in children.

Exercise that Improves Your Circulation

Any kind of work-out is good for you. Yoga, jogging and swimming are popular choices for improving your blood flow. They also make your blood richer in oxygen.

But how can better circulation improve your hearing?

Research shows that circulation doesn’t directly affect the hearing center in your brain. However, it is very important to the health of your ears. Your middle and inner ear need oxygen-rich blood to be functional, after all.

So, you can protect yourself from long-term hearing damage if you get enough exercise.

A Few Neck Exercises You Should Consider

Experience shows that doing these exercises regularly can help you improve your hearing:

  • Slowly press your chin to your chest, then tilt your head back as far as possible.
  • Rotate your head in a full circle.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed. First press your right ear to your right shoulder, then your left ear to your left shoulder.

All of these will reduce tension and improve circulation in your neck and your head.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a popular choice for reducing stress. They can also improve the oxygen levels in your blood.

Long exhalations have some uses too. After all, they increase the levels of CO2 in your blood. This can have a stimulating effect on your inner ear cells.

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