Is There a Link Between Heart Surgery and Childhood Hearing Loss?

causes of childhood hearing loss

There are many different causes of childhood hearing loss. Ear infections are a frequent cause, as well as childhood diseases such as chicken pox. Noise exposure and injuries can also damage the hearing.

But there are other causes as well.

The Dangers of Heart Surgery

Studies show that heart surgery is one of the causes of childhood hearing loss. Scientists studied infants with heart defects who went through life-saving surgery. So what did they find?

Hearing loss affects one in five infants who had heart surgery. This is much higher than the rate of hearing loss among the general population.

Explaining the Connection

But why does heart surgery damage the hearing?

This question requires more research. However, it’s certain that the loud noises in intensive care units contribute to it. Infants are extremely sensitive to noise-related damage.

Additionally, medication might cause hearing loss too. After all, heart surgery is a complex procedure and it requires a number of different drugs.

What Can Doctors Do About It?

Heart surgery is a life-saving procedure. Thus, it’s impossible to avoid it even if the side-effects are severe.

But doctors need to be aware of the link between heart surgery and hearing problems. They can make sure to carefully monitor the hearing of their patients. If they notice any problems, they can help mitigate some of the damage.

A Final Word

Children with hearing issues frequently have problems with communication. This causes problems in school and in social situations.

But when parents are aware of the hearing damage, they can do a lot to help. Some extra attention and help can make up for any developmental delays. Hence, it is crucial to identify the causes of childhood hearing loss.

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