Stop Eating This to Slow Down Hair Loss

Lowering the Intake of These Foods Can Slow Down Hair Loss

Many people struggle with hair loss. Whether you’re noticing your hair becoming sparser or you have bald patches, finding a way to slow down hair loss is essential. Many treatments promise hair growth, but they are often expensive or unreliable. Fortunately, there’s a way to reduce hair loss without spending any money, and it’s connected to your diet.

Read on to learn more about what you should consume more or less of to reduce hair loss.

Foods Rich in Fat

A recent study published in the journal Nature investigated how our diet can be related to hair loss. The scientists conducted the experiment on mice. One group of mice had a high-fat diet, while the other one had a standard diet. The results showed that a high-fat diet accelerates hair loss by damaging the hair follicle stem cells responsible for hair growth.

According to the study, the effects of the high-fat diet were noticeable shortly after the mice were introduced to it. Namely, after only four days, the authors were able to identify changes in the mice’s hair. The mice also had increased oxidative stress, which is related to tissue damage and a higher risk of developing cancer.

Another study emphasized that being obese can significantly increase the risk of hair loss. To slow down losing hair, it’s best to consume less fat and cholesterol and watch your weight.

Choose Hair-Friendly Foods

Hair loss can represent a significant change in our appearance and affect our self-esteem. It’s advisable to consume protein-rich foods to battle losing hair. Healthy options include eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, turkey, beans, etc. Moreover, it’s crucial to reduce stress since that’s one of the triggers for hair loss.

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