The 3 Best Alerting Devices to Assist People with Hearing Loss

best alerting devices to assist people with hearing

Looking for a new hearing-impaired alert device? Shopping can be confusing. Especially shopping that will affect your health. Here are the 3 best alerting devices to assist people with hearing loss to help you make your decision.

1. Krown® KA300™

This alerting device connects to the other alarm devices in your home or workplace. It utilizes a combination of alerting features such as a shaker alert, flashing strobe, and 95dB alarm. It also has alerts to signal carbon monoxide and fire.

This alert system is also equipped with emergency monitoring for severe weather. If you live in an area that is prone to harsh weather conditions, this would be a good system to have in place. It even has a backup battery in case of power outage.

2. Deluxe Sonic Alert DB200™

Next is the Deluxe Sonic Alert DB200. This particular alert system does not require hard wiring. Combined with the lamp flash and telephone transmitters make this unit great for small living spaces.

Unlike the previous system, however, it does not automatically come with smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide devices. You have to buy the add-on equipment separately.

3. Clarity® Altermaster AL10™

Finally, last on the list is the Clarity Altermaster AL10. This alert device notifies you of door knocks, doorbell, telephone, and alarm signals. Like the Deluxe Sonic Alert, this also runs wirelessly. And, you can program up to 2 rooms to signal.

Unfortunately, essential safety parts like the smoke detector you need to buy separately.

Final Thoughts

Buying an assistive device can make life easier. It can also save your life. These 3 best alerting devices to assist people with hearing loss can serve as a jumping off point for your own research. Pick the one that will work with your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Hearing Tips is not associated with these alerting devices nor do we endorse them.

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