The 5 Best Natural Remedies to Unclog Your Ears

remedies to unclog your ears

Clogged ears can be extremely uncomfortable.

The top causes of clogged ears include earwax buildup and pressure changes. Colds and allergies can also clog your ears due to congestion.

In addition to the discomfort, clogged ears can be dangerous. Aft all, they put you at risk of eardrum perforations. They can also be extremely painful on occasions.

So what are the best remedies to unclog your ears?

Use Steam to Get Rid of Your Congestion

Steam is simple and effective. You can simply boil a pot of water and inhale it. Hot showers are also very useful.

Try Warm Compresses

In case of ear pain, using a warm compress can help. It can help you clear your nasal passageways, which will unclog your ears.

Make sure the compress isn’t too hot. Always use a clean cloth. Hold your warm compress over your ear for up to ten minutes.

Essential Oils Are Also a Good Solution

Experts say you can use mineral and essential oils as remedies to unclog your ears. You can inhale them to get rid of your congestion. So which oils should you choose?

Eucalyptus oil is a popular choice because of the pleasant scent. You could also go for tea tree oil or peppermint oil.

Use Eardrops

What if your ears are clogged due to earwax buildup?

Doctors say that cotton swabs are not safe to use. Instead, you should loosen the buildup of wax by applying eardrops.

Peroxide is a safe choice. You can also use saline drops. Mineral oils are another good solution.

Chew, Yawn, and Swallow

If your ears clog up during a flight, this is the best solution. Chewing and yawning will even out the difference in air pressure. Hence, your ears will pop and get unclogged.

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