The 5 Most Common Tinnitus Myths Debunked

most common tinnitus myths

Even though millions of people worldwide suffer from tinnitus, many misconceptions exist. For that reason, we present you’re the 5 most common tinnitus myths. In addition, we aim to briefly outline what tinnitus is.

What Is Tinnitus?

When someone suffers from tinnitus, she/he can hear a variety of sounds in her/his ear(s). Ringing, the sound of the heartbeat, clicking, hissing, etc. Even though this sound does not exist, sufferers still perceive it to be real.

Causes include circulation problems, age-related hearing loss, and injury to the ear.

Myth #1 – Tinnitus Is for Life

This is the number one on our list of most common tinnitus myths. And, while there is no “cure” for tinnitus, the treatment of symptoms is improving all the time. As a result, many sufferers experience significant relief.

Myth #2 – You Can’t Get Any Relief

Untrue. Jointly with your medical professional, you can find ways of easing your tinnitus symptoms. To begin with, your physician may look at treating the underlying cause. In addition, you can choose from an ever-improving list of tinnitus symptom relief options.

Myth #3 – You’re Only Imagining Tinnitus

Just because no test exists to firm up a tinnitus diagnosis doesn’t mean that the millions of sufferers are only imagining it. The most important thing is to connect with other sufferers, locally or online. No doubt, the better-informed you are, the easier it will be for you to cope.

Myth #4 – All Tinnitus Sufferers Will Be Deaf One Day

Although some people who suffer from tinnitus also suffer from hearing loss, the two are not connected.

Myth #5 – If You Don’t Have Ringing in Your Ears, You Don’t Have Tinnitus

This is the last of our most common tinnitus myths, one that needs debunking just as much. In fact, sufferers experience anything from clicking, ringing, hissing, pulsating, and much more besides. Check out some of the sounds here.

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