The Secret to Better Speech Understanding May Be as Simple as This

Hearing in a noisy environment

Hearing in a noisy environment can be challenging for anyone. But if you have hearing loss or hidden hearing loss, this challenge becomes impossible.

Why are loud environments so difficult to navigate? And what can you do about it?

Why Are Noisy Environments So Overwhelming?

If you have some degree of hearing loss, crowds become a problem. Background noise makes it much more difficult to follow a conversation.

It takes some effort to understand the signals your inner ear receives. So if there is a lot of information at once, your brain becomes tired.

This is true for anyone. But if you have some degree of hearing damage, your brain is already overtaxed. After all, it has less information to work with.

You might not receive enough information to tell the difference between sounds. Listening will exhaust you as well.

Additionally, hearing in a noisy environment becomes harder if you have cochlear implants. These implants should only amplify the sounds you care about. However, the technology hasn’t been perfected yet.

The Secret to Hearing in a Noisy Environment

So what can you do about it?

Experts advise turning your head by 30 degrees. Thus, you will be able to see the person you’re speaking to and pick up on their cues. Their voice will enter your ear directly.

When you do this, the volume will go up by 4 decibels. That can be all you need to make up for your hearing loss.

A Final Word

It can feel embarrassing to admit that you can’t follow a conversation. However, most people will be happy to accommodate you.

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