This Relaxation Technique Could Help Treat Tinnitus

how to treat tinnitus

Tinnitus is a perception of ringing in your ears. It has a number of different causes. For many people, tinnitus causes a great deal of frustration.

Medical science is still working on figuring out how to treat tinnitus. This article will look into an effective new treatment method.

How to Treat Tinnitus with Mindfulness

Scientists studied a group of 75 patients who had tinnitus. Some of the subjects were treated with relaxation therapy, while others tried mindfulness therapy. They all went through treatment eight times a week, for two hours at a time.

So what were the results?

Both groups showed significant improvement. The subjects were considerably less stressed and overwhelmed. Additionally, their tinnitus became much less severe.

But mindfulness therapy was considerably more effective than relaxation therapy. So what is mindfulness exactly?

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness is a tried and tested method of relaxation. Many psychologists recommend it. It can also help treat depression, anxiety and even addiction.

Your therapist will teach you mindfulness techniques such as meditation. In some cases, this can happen in the context of group therapy. Breathing exercises are also an important part of mindfulness.

Additionally, your therapist will explain how to understand the connection between your thoughts and your feelings. There is usually homework to do as well.

So what makes this therapy useful? You can apply mindfulness in situations where you are overwhelmed. Hence, dealing with your tinnitus will become easier.

A Final Word

Scientists are still figuring out how to treat tinnitus. If you are affected by this issue, you should talk to your doctor. Therapy could help you reduce the symptoms and feel better in general.

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