Untreated Hearing Loss May Increase Your Risk of Disability

consequences of untreated hearing loss

Untreated hearing loss is extremely prevalent in the US. Statistics say that only 1 in 5 people with hearing loss wear hearing aids. Additionally, it can take a while to realize that you have mild hearing loss.

But it is very important to talk about the consequences of untreated hearing loss. How does this condition impact your life? Does it harm your general health?

The Main Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

Scientists observed a group of 3777 subjects over a span of 25 years. They published their findings about the way hearing problems affect people’s general health. So what did they discover?

Untreated Hearing Loss Puts You at Risk of Becoming Disabled

People with hearing loss are likelier to deal with other disabilities as well. But where does this correlation come from?

If you can’t hear well, you are at a higher risk of injury. After all, you cannot orient yourself as well as before. You are also at an increased risk of traffic accidents.

There is another concern as well. Hearing loss can lead to social isolation. People who are hesitant to leave home are also more prone to neglect their general health.

It Also Makes You Likelier to Develop Dementia

Dementia is also among the consequences of untreated hearing loss. Hearing loss can lead to memory problems and cognitive issues.

The study also showed that using hearing aids can help with this. While they can’t restore your hearing, they can lower your risk of brain problems.

Depression Is a Widespread Issue Too

Dealing with hearing loss can make you depressed. Social isolation is a contributing factor once again. But treating your hearing problems will help you prevent depression.

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