What You Must Know: The Three Basic Types of Hearing Loss

three basic types of hearing loss

Depending on the exact source of the hearing damage, there are three basic types of hearing loss. So, what is the science behind them?

Type 1: Sensorineural

This is the most common type of hearing impairment.

It happens in your inner ear. Due to some kind of damage, the hair cells that pick up vibrations in your inner ear become less effective. The damage can occur either in the hair cells, or the nerves that transfer impulses to your brain.

Sensorineural hearing loss distorts sound. Since your hair cells are less sensitive, they fail to react to quieter noises. If the damage keeps getting worse, you may lose your hearing completely.

This form of hearing loss can be caused by old age, noise exposure, and a number of illnesses. You can also inherit a tendency to develop it.

Hearing aids can be good for combating this problem. There are many prevention options, as well.

Type 2: Conductive

Conductive hearing loss is usually temporary. Something goes wrong in your middle or outer ear, and it stops sound from reaching your inner ear. This is always a mechanical damage, as it does not impact your nerves.

Ear infections are a good example of conductive hearing loss. When fluids clog up your middle ear, sound gets distorted and muted. A perforated eardrum is another, more permanent example.

It is important to treat conductive hearing loss as quickly as possible. While it is usually reversible, it does cause permanent consequences for some people. In this case, hearing aids can help increase the noise enough that the inner ear can react to it.

Type 3: Mixed

This impacts both your inner ear and your middle and outer ear. Because of the structure of your ear, treatment may become more complicated.


There are treatments available for all three basic types of hearing loss. As soon as you notice any sign of trouble, turn to a professional. They will find the source of the issue and find the best solution for it.

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