Why Hearing Loss Often Causes Mental Health Problems

Hearing Loss Often Causes Mental Health Problems

Hearing loss can have devastating effects. When a person’s hearing diminishes, he/she cannot communicate with others as well as before. As a result, social isolation and depression along with a number of other mental health issues may arise.

We examine why hearing loss often causes mental health problems.

Link between Hearing Loss and Mental Health Problems

Several studies across the globe have highlighted the link between mental health issues and hearing loss.

In an Italian study looking at people between the ages of 35 to 54, it became obvious that those with impaired hearing suffered higher levels of anxiety and psychological distress. In addition, their relationships suffered at home and at work because the hearing loss diminished their ability to interact socially.

The British Geriatrics Society found similar results. According to their researchers, people with hearing loss are more likely to suffer social engagement restrictions and emotional distress. Again, this is down to the reduced ability to communicate due to the hearing loss.

The Reasons – Why Hearing Loss Often Causes Mental Health Problems

When examining the reasons why hearing loss often causes mental health problems, one has to conclude that hearing loss can cause social isolation. Someone who has hearing loss cannot communicate and interact with other people as well as people with perfect hearing. Even holding a normal conversation can be difficult.

Socializing in public places can be even more difficult, as people with hearing loss find it difficult to distinguish voices when there’s a lot of background noise.

This does not only apply to age-related hearing loss. In Australia, a survey showed that children and teenagers with diminished hearing also suffered from a sense of isolation as well as mental health issues.

Final Thoughts

Hearing loss can severely impact the quality of your life. Social isolation can lead to mental health issues. In these instances, seeking support from relevant groups as well as professional help is vital.

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