8 Yoga Poses to Prevent Hearing Loss

When someone begins to lose their hearing, they can experience a number of negative effects. Other than loss of hearing, many people also suffer the harmful effects of other ear-related issues. To prevent and correct any of these problems, you might consider yoga as an option for treatment.

Some yoga exercises that improve hearing capacity

1. Sit in a straight line and stretch the neck slowly up and down ten times, then turn the neck right and left 10 times and slowly move the neck back to starting position.

2. Rotate the head ten times straight and ten inverted, keeping your eyes open while doing this posture.

3. Bend the neck down ten times, towards the knee, and place your hands on the knee, see how far you can bend in both the morning and evening.

4. Shashankasana: Bend the knees on the ground and sit your hips on your heels. Tilt forward and bend the chin to the ground, keeping your hands above your head. Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds. Keep breathing!

5. Laying on the stomach, keep feet pointed and place the palm under the shoulders. Raise the stomach to the neck, head, and navel. Breathe 10-15 breaths and then reach toward the ground. Repeat 3 times.

6. Laying on the back, lift both feet up to 45 degrees, without lying on the knees and hold for 10-15 breaths, then slowly move down. Repeat three times

7. Leave the body loose on the back, close your eyes, take deep breaths 10 times and then breathe normally.

8. Keep the waist straight and hold the forearms with both hands with light pressure from the fingers. Close your eyes and take a long, deep breath in through the nose, making a loud sound like a whirl, so loudly that you feel the vibrations of the breath in the brain, face, and lips. Take one breath after another and repeat 10 times. This lets you hear the blood circulation in the ear’s nerves and increases the elasticity of the eardrum. It also improves concentration and memory.

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