Hearing Loss Prevention – What Can You Do?

Some people experience premature hearing loss, which can be triggered by a variety of reasons, exposure to noise pollution being the most obvious one. Although hearing loss usually happens with age, in some situations, even younger people can confront themselves with this unpleasant issue. Whether you have started to notice some slightly concerning hearing problems, or you just want to be cautious, knowing how to prevent hearing loss from appearing in your life is certainly recommended. The following tips are the most important ones you should know about, and if you follow them accordingly, you will not have to deal with this concern in the near future:

Wear protection when exposed to high level of noise

If the nature of your job involves the exposure to extreme noises, either caused by heavy machinery or any other source, wearing protection at all times is necessary. The market stands at your disposal with various options of noise barriers, two examples being earplugs or earmuffs. Keep in mind that daily exposure to an environment that deals with noise pollution will eventually cause you severe problems in the hearing department, even deafness, so even if you might feel uncomfortable at first, wearing protection can be essential.

Turn down your music volume

Whether you are at home, out for a run or working out at the gym, listening to music using headphones is probably something you do with regularity. Well, although you don’t have to give up on this source of entertainment and relaxation all together, it all comes down to the volume of the music. If you are unable to hear any background noise, or if the people around you are able to hear what you are listening to, then it means your volume exceeds a healthy level. Next time you are tempted to raise the volume, keep in mind that you might be exposing yourself to a future hearing problem. Just lower it down a bit!

Don’t skip on a hearing detox!

Let’s say you just went to a rock concert, or you have spent the day working with loud equipment without wearing any protective hearing gear. Well, that does not have to mean that the damage is done, and there’ s nothing you can longer do about it, because there is, in fact, something that can be of great help and that is a hearing detox. What does that term mean? Well, after being exposed to loud noise, you will need at least 16 hours to recover. That means no exposure to any noise that surpasses a healthy limit. This is known as a recovery period for anything that goes beyond a couple of hours of 100dB sound exposure. A hearing detox will prevent a potential, future deafness.

Even if your hearing might not be as good as it used to be, that doesn’t mean you will have to deal with a hearing loss problem in the future, well, at least not if you follow these few tips. As long as you value prevention, and pay attention to the few factors mentioned above, your chances of dealing with hearing loss will decrease significantly.

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