Can You Treat Hearing Loss Caused by Loud Explosions?

hearing loss caused by loud explosions

In many cases, noise-related hearing loss is gradual. It can come from working with loud machines or listening to music. Hearing protection is the best way to prevent this kind of damage.

But what about people who have hearing loss caused by loud explosions? What kind of damage do blasts do to your hearing?

The Effects of Explosions on Your Hearing

Experts say that eardrum perforation is the most common effect. After all, explosions come with an intense pressure wave. Eardrum injuries can usually be cured with surgery.

Some people also suffer from mechanical ear injuries. After all, explosions come with flying debris. Concussions can also result in hearing damage.

But what about the damage to your inner ear?

Cochlear Hearing Loss Caused by Loud Explosions

The cochlea is a part of the inner ear. It is involved in hearing, and it is fairly delicate. Unfortunately, it’s not usually possible to undo cochlear damage.

Research shows that explosions don’t damage the structure of your cochlea. Instead, they impact the nerves in your inner ear. Thus, explosions are similar to other types of noise-related damage.

This is really good news. After all, it could soon be possible to repair damaged nerves and inner ear cells. Structural repairs would be more challenging.

However, there is another important concern. After an explosion, the body tries to repair all the damage. This results in scar tissue forming in the inner ear.

But this can damage your hearing considerably. Hence, doctors are looking for a way to change the process of scar tissue formation. This is one of the reasons why medical attention is necessary right after an explosion.

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