This Is Why You Should Wear Earplugs at Concerts

noise levels at concerts

Concerts can be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Enjoying the music you love is the perfect way to cut loose. It will make you feel more energized and more optimistic.

However, it is important to stay informed about damaging noise levels at concerts.

Noise Levels at Concerts

Noise exposure can do a significant amount of permanent damage to your hearing.

Doctors say that sounds above 85 decibels are harmful.

But what does that really mean? The loudness of an average conversation is around 60 decibels. Traffic noises are around that 85-decibel mark.

Noise levels at concerts are between 120 and 130 decibels. This means that concerts are nearly as loud as the sound of a gunshot from a hundred feet away.

But a concert lasts considerably longer than a gunshot. When it comes to noise-related damage, prolonged noise exposure is much more dangerous.

Can Earplugs Help?

Hearing protection is the best way to avoid long-term damage. So how effective are earplugs?

Researchers studied a group of 51 concertgoers. Around half of the group used earplugs. The outdoor concert they attended lasted over four hours.

So what did the study find?

Concertgoers without earplugs had a much higher degree of hearing loss. Additionally, 40% of this group experienced ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

Earplugs were extremely effective. They reduced the rate of hearing damage considerably. They also decreased the risk of tinnitus to 8%.

A Final Word

Thus, using earplugs at concerts is the best way to take care of your hearing health. The rate of noise-related damage is growing among young people. But if earplugs become more widely-used, this rate will drop once again.

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