Is There a Link Between Osteoporosis and Hearing Loss?

osteoporosis and hearing loss

Did you know that the health of your bones could have an impact on your hearing health? People with brittle bones may be more at risk of hearing damage.

What You Need to Know About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disorder of the bone. It comes with decreased bone density. People who have this condition are extremely vulnerable to breaks and fractures.

Around 44 million Americans suffer from this problem. Low bone density can happen to anyone. However, it is likelier to happen to women, especially over the age of fifty.

This condition requires treatment. After all, untreated osteoporosis leads to serious problems. In most cases, this means lifestyle changes and various medications.

But is there a connection between osteoporosis and hearing loss?

The Impact of Low Bone Density on Your Hearing Health

Researchers have studied the link between osteoporosis and hearing loss. So what did they find?

People with low bone density are 1.76 times likelier to suffer from sudden hearing loss.

Sudden hearing loss doesn’t have an explanation. It usually happens only in one ear. Furthermore, it is usually very severe.

The good news is that there are treatment options for sudden hearing loss. However, it’s important for doctors to act very quickly when this condition happens.

So if you have osteoporosis, you should keep this in mind.

Don’t assume that your sudden hearing problems come from an infection. Instead, seek out treatment right away. You should also make sure your doctors know about your low bone density.

Why are these two conditions linked? The answer isn’t clear yet. But knowing about this correlation brings us closer to explaining why sudden hearing loss happens.

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