Fish: The Number 1 Food for Hearing Loss

food for hearing loss

Some types of food are very beneficial to your body. They provide it with the vitamins and other ingredients it needs to function correctly. But did you know that some foods can also help you keep your hearing intact? According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, fish is the top food for hearing loss in women.

Why Eat Fish?

In one recent study, researchers noted that eating fish reduces your risk of hearing loss by one fifth. But you should eat it on a regular basis. Women who ate it twice a week were less prone to hearing loss than those who eat fish every once in a while.

The researchers also say that you can eat any type of fish you want. Their study showed that the kind of fish the women ate didn’t impact their findings. So, you can either eat tuna, salmon, or any other light or dark fish you prefer.

What’s the Secret?

There’s no secret to why fish is the top food for hearing loss. It is because it has a high quantity of omega 3 acids. These compounds have a positive effect on many processes in our body. They are good for both your heart and your mental health.

Moreover, these acids are also associated with many hearing benefits. Because they are good for your heart, they help regulate the blood flow in your body. Your inner ear needs a steady flow of blood to work properly, which makes the foods rich in omega 3 acids an essential part of your diet.

So, if you’re a woman and want to prevent hearing loss, fish may be just what you need. Add this great food for hearing loss to your diet twice a week and serve it with a large bowl of fresh green salad.

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