These 3 Habits Could Damage Your Hearing

damage your hearing

Your hearing is precious, and you’ll want to maintain healthy hearing as long as possible. While some of the causes of hearing loss lie outside your control, certain habits could damage your hearing.

1. Failure to Wear Ear Protection

Regular or prolonged exposure to noise can damage your hearing over time. If you work in a noisy environment or have to operate loud machinery daily, wearing ear protection is a must. Even household appliances like vacuum cleaners, drills, and electric saws produce excess noise. A normal conversation comes with a noise level of approximately 60 decibels, whereas a vacuum cleaner tops 80 decibels and so does a lawn mower. Ear protection is available at hardware stores, so there’s no excuse.

2. Wearing Headphones Too Often

Excess use of headphones may lead to hearing loss. This is because headphones isolate the sound and thus send a very strong soundwave straight to the ear. As this strong sound wave hits the fine hairs in the inner ear, they may get damaged by the force of it.

3. Setting the Volume Too High

If you always set the volume higher than necessary, your ears get used to it. Here, you have to remember that noise levels above 80 decibels can damage your hearing over time. Instead of turning up the volume on your TV, or radio, try to keep it at a noise level similar to that of a conversation. That way, your ears will not have to endure damaging sound waves.

Final Thoughts

If you want to prevent damage to your hearing, you need to protect your ears from excess and prolonged exposure to noise. The ear is very delicate and cannot cope with loud noise without getting damaged. Try to protect your hearing from noise as much as possible, so that you can maintain it well into old age.

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