This New Device Could Help You Manage Tinnitus More Easily

how to manage tinnitus

Tinnitus can come from noise exposure. In many cases, it is just a temporary ringing in the ears. However, it can also be a permanent condition.

Chronic tinnitus has a number of negative consequences. It affects your health and mental health. Additionally, it makes it much more difficult to focus.

Learning how to manage tinnitus can take a long time. You might also need therapy to help you get used to this condition. White noise generators can help as well.

However, tinnitus might soon become a thing of the past. Medical science is working on different types of treatment that could help

How to Manage Tinnitus by Stimulating the Brain

A recent article published in Science Translational Medicine offers a potential solution to this problem.

These researchers think that bimodal stimulation might be the key to this issue. They stimulated a particular part of the brain. This part receives information from the inner ears.

They started with experimenting on guinea pigs. They found that bimodal stimulation has great results. But does it work on humans as well?

Research says that it does. The study subjects found that stimulation reduced their tinnitus. This treatment took approximately four weeks to complete.

So could this be the solution to managing tinnitus?

It is definitely a promising result. But it did not remove the symptoms of tinnitus entirely.

Additionally, scientists need to do a lot more work before the research is definite. After all, they only studied twenty people in this experiment.


Scientists discovered how to manage tinnitus by stimulating the brain. This worked on human and animal test subjects. However, more research is required before this solution gets widely applied.

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